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OmniJet 500 P: Gen. 2 Pilot Inkjet Printer

< Applicable Heads >

  Dimatix SX 3 Dual Heads, Q class Dual Heads

  Dual D class, SG 1024 or Samba

< Six Axis Motion Stages >

   XY Linear Motor Stage, ± 1㎛ Repeatability

 480 x 480 mm (Gen. 2) Effective stroke

 Automatic Head Rotation

< Substrate Handling>

    Semi-automatic substrate loading and unloading

    Automatic substrate transfer into the curing oven

    SMEMA-9851 Equipment Interface Standard

< Three Vision Systems >

Substrate Alignment, Nozzle Position Alignment

Droplet Analyzing with Single Droplet Measurement

< Drive Waveform>

20 Points Free Style Waveform

Automatic DPN Adjustment within ± 1%

< Maintenance System>

 Spitting, Purging, Capping, Wiping

< Ink Supply System>

Automatic ink supply system for Four inks, Automatic Meniscus control functions

Cleanable Ink Reservoir and Inkjet Head Heating up to 80℃

<Software Functions>

Recipe function: BMP and pattern format manipulation, Remote Assistance through Internet

Alignment functions for overlay printing on the pre patterned position